Hello! My name is Brixton Jaxx.

I am transgender.

I identify as genderfluid transmasculine.

I have had these awkward and uncomfortable feelings for a very long time. Even since a very young age. But it was only recently that I discovered what they meant. For about 4 years now, I’ve been soul-searching and researching, praying and pleading for answers, and learning a little more about myself every day. Now I’m here, ready to build the real Brixton. I’ve lived far too long behind a mask and under a lie. I’m happy to finally say…this is me. And this is MY story. And it is called “Building Brix.”

On this blog, I will talk a lot about being trans and how I knew I was trans. I will probably write about my past and my childhood. And I will document most aspects of my transition as best that I can. But more than that, I will let you into my and my family’s life. It’s a beautiful one, so I think sharing a little bit of it with you could bring a smile or a laugh to your day. We have our ups and downs. During those down times, we stick together more than I’ve ever witnessed anybody do. We do butt heads. We argue, throw shoes at each other, and the occasional “b*tch!” slips out too. But when we hit the tops of those mountains, the view is amazing. And we always share our triumphs with each other, believe that. I freaking love us and I think you’ll learn to love us too. Keep an open mind though! Like I said, we are a little crazy. But I know you will enjoy being a part of our crazy lives!

Thanks for reading!

– Brixton



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