Mini Vacation With My Wife!

Alert! Alert!

Exclusive video content at end of post. Stick around to see Brixton dancing on the edge of a boat dock…

So our vacation lasted a good 5 or 6 hours. But the way our lives run now, today was a beautiful opportunity we could not pass up.

Moments like these come once in a blue moon. Not to complain or whine but our time is almost completely devoted to our kids and work. Don’t get me wrong. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our life and our kids and our jobs. But a little “us” time is crucial in order to stay sane and functional sometimes.

Our normal days are always hectic. Especially game days and such. On a usual game day, we will get out of work at 6am. Home by 730. Sleep until maybe 3 or 4. Pack a bag. Fill up gas tank. Grab some grub. Then drive to wherever we gotta be. Support and cheer on our athletes until the game is over. Hopefully we are out of there, get everyone fed, and we’re back on the road in time for work. Get out at 6am. And do it all over again for a different sport and different kid. This past week we did it 3 nights in a row!

Todayyyy, our day started when we got out of work at 6am. We usually have to rush home in order to get our daughter to the bus stop on time. If not, we add another hour to our trip before we finally get home to sleep. But today, she has a golf tournament and were blessed enough to have found her a ride with her coach. So she was already out of the house before we were on the road home.

So my wife and I decided to stay out and grab some breakfast. One thing lead to another and we found ourselves watching the sunrise over the ocean with our Starbucks drinks. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. And of course, I was feeling dancey and decided to put on a show for my wife and the seagulls. I loved this entire experience. My wife just glows any time we’re near water, especially the ocean. I foresee an early retirement here 😉 I could definitely get used to this special smile of hers.

Right now, as I type out this post, we are waiting on a shiny new car…immaculately detailed inside and out, freshly tinted windows, limo style, shampooed carpets, and hopefully an everlasting air freshener to last through the softball and football games and the track meets and long road trips with sweaty asses plastered all over our seats.

Okay so the car is not technically brand new. We’ve had it for almost 2 months – haha! But we are having a little work done on it. Our little bug gets us safely from A to Z every day and night. It deserved some love too! Plus, factory tint allowed the entire world to see into our souls and down our throats while we are driving and chowing down or on those long trips when my wife is sleeping in the passengers seat. Yeah, we needed a little privacy. We basically live in our car so it makes sense to shut the blinds and draw the curtains.

Drum roll please……………………………………… Our car looks beautiful!

Like I said, short vacation. It’s pretty much over from here on out. Now to go home and get some rest! This day was filled with fun and laughter and a sneaky nap at the detailing garage. But we need real sleeeeep! Trevinos OUT!

Thanks for reading!

Talk soon!

– Brixton

Our sexy little car…

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

I’m good huh?


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