Free The Nips! – Top Surgery Update

Yooooo! I have some big news about my plans for top surgery.

I haven’t talked about this subject much on my blog but at this point I think it’s needless to say…I hate my chest. And I’ve come to realize that top surgery is my only option for feeling better about my body. I can’t bind, sports bras don’t work for me anymore, and my dysphoria worsens every day. For now…we’ll leave it at that.

But I have good news! I found the perfect surgeon for the job. The boob job, of course. He is a world renowned and board certified plastic surgeon and his results are exactly what I am looking for. I need a chest that matches MY body. There are a lot of surgeons that literally give every one of their patients that same looking chest. No matter what the rest of their body looks like. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just don’t want that. I know that if I was a cisgender male, my chest would not be completely flat. I have muscles and little bit of fat here and there. And I don’t need my oober flat chest to look concave because of my beer belly. Haha! I don’t drink at all but you get it. It’s gotta fit! And this surgeon does that! His results are tailored to every individual and their needs and wants. It’s not a cookie cutter procedure.

But as many of you know, surgery has it’s costs. Money wise and health wise and even career wise. Not saying that my health will be at risk. But I definitely won’t be healthy enough to return to work for a while. The recovery process can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. And this will be a major setback for me and my family financially. The cost of surgery is one thing. But the need to keep a steady income during my recovery is a whole other issue. My family relies heavily on my and my wife’s income to maintain our household. 2017 was a really bad year for us and I don’t want my transition or top surgery to create another bad situation. But I also know that the longer I put it off, the more of a toll my dysphoria takes on my mental health and my ability to continue thriving and keep a full time job. I say this only because it’s happened to me before. I’ve lost countless jobs because of my depression and anxiety. I don’t want that to happen again…ever. But so far, we have been blessed with a beautiful start to this year. 2018 has been so good to all of us. I want to continue this momentum.

So I created a Gofundme campaign in hopes of raising enough money to not only cover the cost of my surgery, but also help cover travel costs, relocation for the first 10 days after surgery, and help offset some of the lost wages my wife and I will have. I plan on doing other fundraisers before my actual surgery date but I want to get a jump on raising the money because I need a down payment up front in order to even schedule my surgery date. If you would be so kind to check out my campaign, I would really appreciate it. Any donation helps and even a share on your social media page or your blog would be wonderful! I know I don’t have too big of a following on my blog, but I’m hoping to be able to reach out to family and friends through word of mouth as well! I love you all and want to give you my thanks for following my journey thus far and helping me map out the rest of my transition. Good things are coming! I’ll make all of you proud one day.

Thanks for reading!

Talk soon!

– Brixton

Here’s the link to my campaign page

Brixton’s Top Surgery Fund


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