Transition Timeline

2014 – Dysphoria hits me head on. Feelings rise to the surface and I start asking myself….am I trans?

2017 – research, and more research. A lot of praying and asking God for answers. I’m getting closer to discovering the real me.

October 2017 – I come out to my wife. We talk about how I feel and have felt. I explain my identity and what it means and start educating her on trans topics. And more research!

January 2018 – first consult scheduled. The waiting game is the worst part. Up to this point, it feels like I’ve been waiting my whole life, one more month seems like an eternity.

February 16, 2018 – first consult appointment for hormone therapy. Testosterone is prescribed!

February 17, 2018 – baby tells me Happy Birthday at 4am! It’s the first day of the journey to the real me. First T shot administered by my amazing wife!